Welcome to my site.


I am a digital artist, working with leader 3D programs such as Cinema 4D end Marvelous Designer. For rendering i use Vray, for the highest result. I search for special lighting techniques and atmosphere in my images. The focus of the scene is almost always a digital 3D model, that is manipulated of a real picture/model. So i can make nearly any woman/men out there of created my own.


For her/his clothing, i use Marvelous Designer. This means, i must draw a real pattern of a piece of cloth. This will be simulated around the model, afterwards this will be morphed at the final pose of the 3D model.


I make my own texture's based on real pictures or i buy very high Vray shaders as starting point at Renderking.

After the rendering of the image, i make a color change or postwork in Photoshop.

This is my

Digital Playground