" Niets is zo krachtig als een beeld, het is de ideale uitdrukking

van je gevoelens, dromen of fantasieën.

Deze website is mijn wereld van digitaal schoon."

3D Artwork
Monkey - Mont Savauge
3D Artwork
Giraf - Mont Savauge
furniture design
3D Artwork
3D Artwork
3D Artwork
3D Artwork
3D Artwork
3D Artwork
3D Artwork
3D Artwork


Telling a story with an image, capturing emotion and time. People, animals, macro, nature, landscapes, …. each part so separate and unique.

Love to photograph expressions



Making another truth, world or feeling.

No limits, just fantasy. It gives complete freedom over light, shadow, angle, color and composition. In my artwork I like to let the character play the leading role, they are also 3D. 

About me

My artistic brain was born in 1978.

It quickly became clear I was creative with a pencil and paper. Later this overflowed into digital media.

All my knowledge I learned by experimenting, theory out of books is wasted on me.

When I switched to 3D around 2000, a whole new world opened up to me.
Currently I work with leading software like Cinema 4D, Corona render, Adobe, Marvelous Designer, 

Final Cut Pro, Capture One and others. Combined with my passion for video and photography,

I am a real digital artist.

MacObsession is an ”alias" for my love for Apple products. 

All work is copyrighted and may not be used without approval


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